Teaching a Class

Teaching classes are a great way to bring in extra revenue doing something you love to do. You can choose your own hours that you want to teach and do your own advertising outside of your class listing in our Activity Guide. We work out the class fee together, and our supportive staff will assist in your class registrations.

Your subject can be almost anything, as our definition of recreation is broad, including educational, enrichment, improving health and wellness, fostering human development, strengthening safety and security, social connection, and cultural arts classes. Take a look at our current offerings, and dream between and beyond the current titles, dance, music, drama, arts, sports, languages, and envision the fun!

If you are interested in teaching a class, follow the instructions below, complete and submit the necessary Interest to Teach Form telling us about your class idea, background and commitment to market your class. 

  • First: Complete and submit the necessary Interest to Teach Form telling us about your class idea, background and commitment to market your class. Once it is determined that you meet the qualifications, then you will be contacted by the Class Coordinator to receive the necessary proposal forms and contract to teach your class.
  • Second: Once qualified, you will need to complete the five (5) proposal forms and contract (named below). 
    1. Prospective Instructor Questionnaire Form
    2. New Class Form
    3. Class/Camp Planner form (explanation of curriculum)
    4. Contract Class Agreement Form
    5. W-9 form
  • Third: Upon completion of the above forms, Contact the Class Coordinator for an in-person appointment. Our Criminal Background Questionnaire form will be issued at that time.

For more information, please contact (650) 991-8001.