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Storytime is very important in your child's growth. Storytime can happen at home, at school,at the library, and even digitally. Here are the key components of early literacy:

1. Print motivation:
 A child's interest in and enjoyment of books.

2. Phonological awareness:
The ability to hear and play with smaller sounds in words.

3. Vocabulary:
Knowing the names of things.

4. Narrative skills:
The ability to describe things and events ad to tell stories.

5. Print awareness:
Noticing print, knowing how to handle a book, and understanding how to follow the written words on a page.

6. Letter knowledge:
Knowing that letters are different from each other, the same letter can look different, and that each letter has a name and is related to sounds.
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Library's Storytimes?
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What happens if I can't make these times?


I miss a Storytime? 

 - You can do storytime at home with your child. We have great booklists for children of all ages. They can be found here (the librarian's favorite book to read at storytime is "Press Here")

- We also keep a list of all the books we read at storytime every week! They can be found here: Bayshore    John Daly    Serramonte   Westlake

Kids Events
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