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Computers & Technology

Public Use Computers

The Daly City Public Library provides access to computers with internet and Microsoft Office applications at all four locations. Microsoft Office programs are version 2013.

Time Limit: Three hours per day.  Fifteen-minute express stations are available at all locations. 

Reservations: Computers may be reserved from reservation stations within the libraries. You may also make a reservation online. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis if there are no pending reservations.

Accessibility: JAWS (Screen Reader Software) is available for the visually impaired on one computer at the Serramonte Library and one computer at the Westlake Library.

Printing: 15¢ per page in black-and-white and 40¢ per page in color. Patrons may set up a print account. Unused funds remain in the account and can be used at any PLS library.

Saving: Work can be saved to a USB flash drive at all Daly City Libraries.  USB flash drives are available to purchase for $6.00 (8 GB) and $10.00 (16 GB).

Restrictions: For security reasons, files may not be saved or installed on the hard drive of a library computer and optical drives are read only.

Privacy:  The Library respects and protects the privacy of all users.  A library card or guest pass is required for computer use so that the software can enforce time limits, thus assuring that everyone gets a chance to use the computers. 

All users are required to accept our Computer Use and Internet Use Policies when logging in to use public computers.

Wireless Access

Free wireless access is available at all four locations. Wireless users should protect laptops from viruses and other Internet threats through the use of antivirus software and personal firewall software. No such protection is offered by the Library's wireless connection. The Daly City Public Library's Internet Use Policy applies to wireless users.

Wireless printing is available for laptops and mobile devices. Printing is 15¢ per page in black-and-white and 40¢ per page in color. Instructions for wireless printing.

Circulating Chromebooks and Hotspots

Check out a Chromebook and/or a hotspot at any of our four locations. Devices check out for one week and can not be renewed. Devices can not be held; contact your local branch for availability. Please see the Device Checkout FAQ for more information. 

Public Use Equipment

3D Printer

The Library has 3D printers available at the Serramonte, Westlake and John Daly branches.

How do I get started?

1. Either download a 3D printing file, commission one from a designer or create your own.
2. E-mail your file to your preferred branch (see contact details below). Library staff will convert it into the format used by our 3D printer. You will receive an e-mail when the file is ready and waiting for you to print at the library.
3. Call the library to make an appointment during regular open hours.

John Daly Library: jddlibrary@plsinfo.org, 650-991-8073
Serramonte Library: dclcirc@plsinfo.org, 650-991-8023
Westlake Librarywstlibrary@plsinfo.org, 650-991-8071

Please note: 3D printing is very slow. All printing must be completed before the library closes
for the day. When you receive notice that your file is ready, the approximate print time will also
be noted so you can schedule your visit accordingly.

You must be present at the beginning of your 3D printing appointment, but we will hold your
object for a week if you cannot be there to see it finish.

Available colors: black, white, gray, red, green, purple, orange and blue. FDA food-safe off-white filament is also available. Specify your preferred color when e-mailing your file. Not all colors are available at all branches.

Individual print objects must require no more than seven meters of filament. When you submit your file, it may be sized down to reduce the required material.

Users are limited to one print request at a time. There are content restrictions; see the 3D Printer Policy. There is currently no charge for 3D printing.


There are self-service photocopiers at all library locations. Copies are 15¢ per page in black-and-white.


There are electric typewriters for public-use at the Seramonte Main Library and Westlake Branch. Users must supply their own paper.

Microfilm Reader

There is a microfilm reader at the Serramonte Main Library.  The reader accepts both microfilm and microfiche. Copies of microfilm can be made for 15¢ per page.