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About the Library

Question: Where is the Library located? How do I get there?

Answer: The Daly City Public Library has four locations. Our main branch is the Serramonte Main Library. Click here for addresses and directions to all our locations.

Question: When is the Library open?

Answer: Each of the Library's four locations has different hours. The Library closes for City-recognized holidays.

Question: What is PLS?

Answer: PLS stands for Peninsula Library System, a consortium of all the public and community college libraries in San Mateo County. All PLS libraries, including the Daly City Public Library, share a catalog. Your Daly City Public Library card is valid at all PLS libraries.

Borrowing Materials

Question: How many Audio Books, Music CDs, DVDs, and Books can I check out?

Answer: You can check out up to 50 items at a time. We ask that you leave some for everyone else, but there are no specific limits on how many CDs or DVDs you can borrow. Each PLS member library may set different rules for their materials, so be sure to look closely at due dates.

Question: I lost my library card. What should I do?

Answer: Notify the Library immediately. You are responsible for all materials checked out with your card. Once you report your card lost, no one will be able to use it to check out materials. If you later find your card, you can have it reinstated by presenting the card along with your photo ID at the Library. To replace a lost card, you will need photo ID and payment of a $2 card replacement fee.

Question: I cannot find what I am looking for in the Library Catalog. Can the Library help me find it at another library?

Answer: We no longer have an Inter-Library Loan service. You may find what you are looking for at a library in a nearby city or county such as San Francisco, San Jose, Alameda County, or Berkeley.  You do not need to be a resident of that city or county to get a card there.

Question: If an item is at another library, can it be delivered to my local Daly City Library?

Answer: Yes, you can place a hold on an item through the Online Catalog. When it becomes available, it will be sent to the library of your choice free of charge.

Question: If an item is out, can I be put on a waiting list?

Answer: Yes, you can reserve an item through the Online Catalog, referred to as placing a hold.  If there is a copy available at another PLS library, it will be sent to the library of your choice for you.

Question: Does the Library have a list of Audio Books, Music CDs, DVDs, or Books?

Answer: We do not publish a printed or online master list because we are always adding new items. All of our materials are searchable on the Online Catalog. Search by author, title, or subject and limit by format, location, or other details by using the advanced search. (to select multiple options on the menu, hold down the CRTL key when you click).

Question: Where can I return materials?

Answer: You can return borrowed materials to any of the PLS libraries. Book drops are available outside all libraries so that you can return items after-hours. Do not return our items to a San Francisco Public Library branch.

Question: How can I renew items?

Answer: You can renew online by accessing your Library Account through the Online Catalog. For instructions, click here. You can also renew by phone by calling the automated 24-hour renewal line (650-638-0399), or by calling any of our locations during open hours.

Question: Is there a charge to get a library card?

Answer: No, Library membership is free. However, if you lose your card and need a replacement, there is a $2 fee for the new card.

Question: How do I get a library card?

Answer: Simply visit one of the Library locations, fill out the short application form, and present photo identification and proof of current address. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign their application and present identification and proof of current address. To view and print the Library Card Application form, choose English, Spanish, or Chinese. You may also submit your information online. You will need to visit the Library to present identification and proof of current address to receive your card.

Question: What happens if I lose a Library item?

Answer: If you lose an item, you will be charged the full retail cost plus a $5.00 processing fee.

Question: I forgot my PIN. Can the Library e-mail it to me?

Answer: Due to privacy concerns, library staff cannot see your PIN. If you forget what it is, you will need to visit the Library in person, present photo ID and staff will reset it. Your PIN is set by default to the last four digits of the telephone number you put on your library card application. If you change your phone number, please notify the library so that we can update your record and change your PIN. You can change your PIN yourself by logging into your Library Account and clicking on Modify your PIN.

Question: How long can I keep materials?

Answer: Most materials are loaned for 21 days, and may be renewed no more than five times for an additional 21 days each if no one else has requested the item. Certain high demand items are checked out for 7 days only. When you check items out, you will receive a receipt with the due date for each item. You can also check your account online and see a list of all the items you have checked out and when they are due.

Question: How much are overdue fines?

Answer: Items returned after their due date will be subject to overdue fines. Overdue fines are 25¢ per day per item for adult materials and 15¢ per day per item for children's and teen materials. There is a maximum fine of $8.00 per adult item or $4.00 per children's or teen item. Accounts for children and teens do not accrue daily overdue fines.  Other PLS libraries may have different overdue fines which affect their materials even if they are checked out from and/or returned to the Daly City Public Library.

Equipment & Facilities

Question: Does the Library have a typewriter?

Answer: The Serramonte Main Library and the Westlake Library both have electric typewriters available to the public. There is no charge for use of the typewriters. Users must supply their own paper, or it can be purchased for 15¢ per sheet at the Check Out Desk.

Question: Can I use a CD on a Library computer?

Answer: Yes, CDs and DVDs can be played on Library computers.  They are read-only drives. 

Question: Can I use my laptop at the Library? Do you have Wi-Fi?

Answer: You are welcome to use your laptop in the Library. All the libraries have wireless internet access for laptop users. For more information, read our Wireless FAQ.

Question: Does the Library have computers I can use? How much does it cost?

Answer: All Library locations have public computers with internet access and Microsoft Office applications. There is no fee, but use is limited to two hours per day and printing is 15¢ per page (black and white, laser quality) and 40¢ per page (color, laser quality).

Question: Does the Library have a scanner?

Answer: All Daly City Libraries have a standard-sized flatbed scanner available on one Creativity Center computer which has Adobe Photoshop Elements as well.

Question: Does the Library have a fax machine?

Answer: The Library does not have public fax machines. Many copy shops and shipping companies provide fax services for a fee.

Question: Does the Library have photocopier?

Answer: All four Library locations have black and white photocopiers. Copies cost 15¢ per page.


Question: Can I get something notarized at the Library?

Answer: The Library does not have a Notary Public. Many copy shops and shipping companies provide notary services for a fee.

Question: Does the Library have meeting room?

Answer: The Serramonte Main Library has a Community Room that is available for public meetings.  There is no charge to use this room. For more information, call the Serramonte Library at 650-991-8023.

Question: Can I donate something to the Library?

Answer: The Library gratefully accepts monetary donations, which are used for the purchase of new materials. We also accept donations of materials which may be used for the Library Collection or for our book sales. For donation guidelines, click here.

Question: I'm unable to come to the Library. Can you deliver materials to my house?

Answer: Yes, the Library has a Materials by Mail Service for homebound residents.  More information, including the Application for Homebound Services, is available here or by calling the Serramonte Main Library at 650-991-8023.

Question: I'm unable to come to the Library. Can you answer questions by phone or e-mail?

Answer: You can call the Serramonte Main Library at 650-991-8023 and a Reference Librarian will assist you. For more complex questions or if the Librarian is busy, he or she may need to call you back with an answer. You can also e-mail the library at dcplref@plsinfo.org. Please be as specific as possible to ensure that the Librarian understands your question. Questions about your Library account should be asked in person for security reasons.

Question: Where can I find help learning to read?

Answer: Project Read of North San Mateo County provides free tutoring to assist adults in learning to read and write. The Daly City Public Library, along with other area libraries, hosts Project Read tutoring and Families for Literacy story nights.