Residential Parking Permit

The City of Daly gives parking preference to residents who live around the City’s transportation hubs. The main purpose is to keep commuters from parking in adjacent residential areas and taking spaces from residents. 

Parking Zones are located as follows:
Zone A: Original Daly City area near BART Station
Zone B: Irvington/Brunswick area
Zone C: Westlake District - northeast areas
Zone D: County St.

To receive the benefit of this parking preference, residents of these zones need to have parking permits displayed on their cars. The zones where these permits are required are clearly marked by signs on the affected streets. If you live in a restricted parking area and want a parking permit, please come in person to the Daly City Finance Department at 333-90th St., 2nd Floor, Daly City.

You must bring with you a copy of your current car registration, showing the address of the residence where you are applying for the permit. If your registration does not show the address for which you are applying for the permit, please go to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and have DMV print you a new current registration card showing your Daly City address. DMV requires an address change within 10 days of moving.

You may also apply by mail. Please make sure to enclose all the required documentation and provide a day time phone number.