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Business License Forms

All Business License Applications are subject to review prior to approval.
This process takes approximately 30 days.

Business License Application Be sure to complete all information requested. Include Name, Address, Telephone Number, Type of Business, Tax ID Number and Contractor License Number.
Business License Update Form Use this form to update your business license information such as business name, business/mailing addresses, phone number, etc. This form is not to be used for transferring of business ownership.

Garage Sale Permit Application
  A garage sale permit is required prior to conducting a garage sale.

Home Occupation Permit Application

If this is a Daly City Home-Based Business, you must apply for a Home Occupation Permit first with the Planning Department. Click here for more information.

Rental Property Application

Any property owner renting out Residential or Commercial property including single family homes must obtain a license.

Transient Occupancy Tax  

The Transient Occupancy Tax for Daly City is 12%. This tax is collected by all lodging establishments located within Daly City limits and is remitted to the City on or before the last day of the month following the close of each calendar quarter.

Utility Billing Forms
Direct_Debit_Form Sign up for automatic electronic payment from your checking or savings account.
Authorization to Turn on Water Authorization to turn on water service. Waiver and release of liability.

Utility User Tax Form
UUT Remittance Form

A utility users’ tax is an excise tax on the use of the following utilities in the city: communications, electricity, and gas. The tax is pursuant to Chapter 3.40 in the City’s Municipal Code.