Step 5: Redevelopment Agency Conceptual Review

 (Time Estimate: Two Weeks)

A. Projects within the Mission Street Redevelopment Area require Conceptual Approval by the Daly City Redevelopment Agency (DCRA) prior to consideration by the Planning Commission or the City Council.

B. The DCRA is made up of the five elected City Council members acting in their role as the Redevelopment Agency. Conceptual approval consists of the DCRA considering the merits of the project and whether a project is consistent with the Mission Street Urban Design Guidelines, the General Plan and Zoning designations and its compatibility with surrounding land uses.

C. A public meeting will be scheduled for the DCRA to formally consider your project. Prior to the DCRA meeting, every property owner within 300 feet of the boundaries of your property is notified by mail that they are invited to attend the meeting to listen of to make comments on the project for consideration by the DCRA.

D. The DCRA meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the Daly City Council Chambers, City Hall, 333-90th Street in Daly City.

E. The staff planner's written report is submitted to the DCRA and the project applicant in advance of the meeting. At the meeting, the Director of Economic & Community Development will provide the DCRA with a brief oral presentation of your project and conclude with a recommendation on approval or denial of the application. It is customary for DCRA members to ask questions of the project planner and the applicant to clarify any concerns they may have. The Chairman of the DCRA will also open the meeting to take public comments on the proposal.

F. Once the DCRA has considered all the information presented, a vote will be taken on the project. A majority vote is required for a project recommendation to be approved or denied. The DCRA's motion on a project will be forwarded to the Planning Commission and the City Council with the staff planner's report on the project.

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