Step 4: Staff Report Preparation

 (Time estimate: 2 to 3 weeks)

A. A project planner will be assigned to guide your project through the city review process. The planner will be available to answer any questions you have.

B. The project planner will visit the site, analyze your proposal and prepare a report containing a recommendation to the Design Review Committee, Planning Commission and/or the City Council.

C. The project planner will make recommendations as to whether the application has complied with applicable ordinances and policies. In the process of reviewing the application, the project planner may require certain modifications to the project to be able to insure compliance with the applicable ordinances and policies. The applicant should not assume that a positive or negative recommendation by the project planner is the final decision; it is only a recommendation and is not necessarily an indication of whether the project will be approved or denied by the Reviewing Body. The Reviewing Body's decision is based upon their evaluation of the project and the staff recommendation.

D. The Planning Commission, City Council (or other Reviewing Body) must meet at least once regarding the application. However, depending on the complexity of the application and the possible need for additional information, the Reviewing Body, at its discretion, may continue the matter to one or more additional meetings.

E. If your application requires more than one development plan application such as a Design Review Permit and a Use Permit, the application will require review and approval by the Design the Planning Commission, the City Council and a Design Review Committee. The Planning Commission is a Reviewing Body and makes recommendations to the City Council. The City Council has final decision making authority over all development plan applications.

F. Appeal Process: A decision of the Design Review Committee is final unless a written notice of appeal is submitted to the City Council within ten days of the mailing of the notice of decision (Section 17.45.120(C) of the Daly City Design Review Ordinance).

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