Step 3: Development Coordinating Committee

Members of City staff including fire, building, police, planning, engineering and water/wastewater meet to discuss your project.  (Time estimate: Two weeks)

A. Your proposal is sent to the Development Coordinating Committee, which consists of Public Works, Fire, Police and other city agencies for review and comments.

B. The Development Coordinating Committee will provide the project planner with written comments on what types of issues and codes will be required to be applied to your project. The DCC meets every Wednesday morning to go over projects. It takes about two weeks to receive written comments from DCC members.

C. The project planner will forward these comments to the applicant as soon as he or she receives them. In addition, these comments are often applied to the project as required conditions for project approval and included in the report prepared by the Planner to the Planning Commission or the city Council (See Step 4 for more information).

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