Step 1: Pre-Application Meeting

Planning staff meets with an applicant to discuss a potential project.  (Time Estimate:  Varies)

A.         A pre-application meeting should be scheduled witha planning division staff member to discuss and obtain copies of applicable ordinances, policies and procedures. It is very helpful that you have the following information available at the meeting:


1.       The square footage of the structure that is being proposed or reconstructed.

2.       In the case of an addition to a building, the square footage of the existing structure and proposed addition.

3.       The average slope and square footage of the site where the new building or addition is proposed.

4.       The overall dimensions of the structure and its location on the lot relative to the property lines.

5.  If available, one conceptual site plan, floor plan and exterior elevations.

B.        Following the pre-application meeting, the applicant
will be advised by the planning staff of the process and information required for consideration by the Design Review Committee, Planning Commission and/or City Council (Reviewing Body).

C.        It is recommended that you check with the adjoining property owners to determine their concerns regarding your proposal prior to submitting your application. This will give you a chance to make an effort to address these concerns



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