Applications & Resources

This page provides common applications for land use entitlements reviewed by the Planning Division. Each application packet includes an application form, a list of the required submittal materials, and a supplemental authorization form which must be completed and notarized if the applicant is not the property owner. Please note a digital version of all submittal materials must be included with the application. If the land use entitlement requested is not listed or if your project will require multiple land use entitlements, please contact the Planning Division at 650-991-8033 for a customized application form.

  1. Certificate of Compliance
  2. Coastal Development Permit
  3. Design Review (Administrative)
  4. Design Review (Review by Design Review Committee)
  5. Large Family Daycare
  6. Lot Line Adjustment or Parcel Merger
  7. Pre-Application Conference
  8. Public Convenience and Necessity
  9. Sullivan Corridor Committee Review
  10. Time Extension
  11. Use Permit for Tenant Improvement
  12. Use Permit (Concurrent Design Review)
  13. Use Permit (No Concurrent Design Review)
  14. Variance (Concurrent Design Review)
  15. Variance (Concurrent Design Review and Use Permit)
  16. Wireless Facility
  17. Zone Change