Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing Program - The City's inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires that a percentage of new residential developments that are built be affordable to households that are lower income (for rental units) or moderate income (for ownership units).  Applications for initial lease-up or purchase of these BMR units generally involve a pre-application and lottery.  In some cases, the developer will pay an affordable housing fee that is deposited to the City's Affordable Housing Trust Fund in-lieu of providing the BMR units.


In addition to the BMR units, the City helps to increase the supply of affordable housing by providing funds to 100% affordable housing projects.  The City may use funds from its Affordable Housing Trust Fund, or funding it receives from the State or HUD that can only be used for affordable housing.  Like the BMR units, applications for initial lease-up of these units generally involve a pre-application and lottery.


To be notified of when opportunities for BMR or City-subsidized units come up, please sign up for the Affordable Housing Interest List.  Please note, this is only an interest list so you can get notifications of opportunities to apply, not an applicating of waiting list.