Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division works in partnership with the citizens of Daly City to promote a safe and desirable living and working environment. The Code Enforcement Division staff is comprised of (2) Code Enforcement field inspectors and a (1) Code Enforcement Officer. They enforce permitting requirements regarding building and zoning matters as well as enforce nuisance violations. Since the goal of Code Enforcement is to enhance the quality of life, Code Enforcement Division staff work with property owners and business owners towards reasonable and timely compliance of code violations, thus increasing neighborhood livability and improving property values.

The Code Enforcement Division office is located in City Hall on the second floor and may be reached by telephone at (650) 991-8260.

Weed Abatement / Garbage & Debris Accumulation

To ensure that excess weeds, brush and high grass do not become a hazard to neighboring properties, property owners are required to abate any overgrowth of foliage on or around their property.  They are also required to check and remove other hazards such as stacked wood, discarded furniture or equipment, or debris in front, side or rear yards.  Approved garbage and recycling containers may not be left in front of property on a continuous basis unless the property owner or tenant has no other reasonable storage options.  Containers left in front of property on a continuous basis must be placed as close as possible to the dwelling they serve and must be concealed by landscaping, a stairwell, or decorative screening to the fullest extent possible.

To report abandoned shopping carts found in Daly City:

Please contact Daly City’s Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval reporting line at (650) 991-5525 or use the iHelp application on line. 


To report Code Enforcement violations (listed below), contact (650) 991-8260 or Daly City iHelp online:

Property Maintenance (such as weeds, garbage, junk, graffiti, etc. on private property) – click here

Building Code (such as construction without permit, illegal additions, etc.) – click here

Zoning Code (such as home occupations, conditions of approval, etc.) – click here

Shopping Carts – contact the hotline at (650) 991-5525 or click here.  Please state the following information in your message: store name on the cart, street/address location of the cart, and the date you observed the cart.

The Code Enforcement Process

When a complaint is received, or staff suspects a violation, the following steps are undertaken to have the violation abated:

  • An inspection is scheduled to determine if the complaint has merit. If it does not, the case is closed.
  • If the complaint has merit, a letter explaining the violations is mailed to the property owner. It provides  direction and timelines to abate the violations.
  • If the violations are not abated within reasonable timelines, the case may be referred to the Administrative Hearing Board.

Code Enforcement Fees

Enforcement fees represent the staff time incurred to see the violation abated. They increase over time. Common violations and the associated fees are listed below (for violations abated within 30 days):

Building Code $1,180
Expired Plan Check/Building Permit Application $475
Expired Permit $575
Property Maintenance $440
Fence $880
Illegal Secondary Unit $880
Conditions of Approval Violation $880
Sign Permit Violation $880
Illegal Home Occupation $880
All Other Violations $880

Fees accrue and are due from the date of the letter following the initial investigation. They increase if the violation is not abated within 30 days, 60 days and/or within 90 days from the date of the letter.

Example: Rooms were constructed without permit. The fees are as follows depending upon how long the case remains open:

1-30 days ............. $1,180
31-60 days.............. $475
61-90 days.............. $575

It is in the property owner's best interest to abate the violation as quickly as possible.

Code Enforcement Task Force 


The Code Enforcement Task Force is an enforcement team comprised of individuals from various departments with the most applicable expertise who have enforcement responsibilities.  Often times the team is made up of outside agencies as well, such as North County Fire, San Mateo County Environmental Health and San Mateo County Adult and Child Services.  The focus of the Task Force is to remove dangerous conditions as soon as possible.  When a property is found to have multiple violations, the Task Force responds to that property.  Once assembled, the Task Force is a viable enforcement and problem solving team who work together with the property owner towards abatement of the cited violations.  The code of violation abatement, including staff time, is charged back to the property owner.  The Code Enforcement Task Force team provides professional guidance on enforcement matters, violations and related issues, with the common goal of voluntary abatement.

Administrative Hearing Appeals Board

The Code Enforcement Division acts as liaison to the Administrative Hearing (Appeals) Board.  The Board reviews investigations of serious violations and determines the required next step of enforcement and has authority to assess administrative costs for all staff time and set civil penalty fees (up to $2,500 a day for each day a violation is present to the maximum amount of $10,000).  This incentive is normally sufficient to gain voluntary compliance by property owners.  The Appeals Board is an integral part of the Code Enforcement Program and has contributed greatly to its success.








The City’s code enforcement efforts fulfill the first two goals of the Daly City’s mission statement:

Assure the safety and general well-being of the community.  

Preserve, improve and develop the physical and aesthetic aspects of the community.