Sewer Permit Fee Schedule

(Effective October 24, 2008)

A. Single Family Residential Dwelling FEES
(1) 8 dwelling units or less in any one 12-month period by a builder/developer or any subsidiary, partner or joint venture with no more than 33 fixture units per residential unit
$2,600 Minimum per D/U
(2) New Single Family Residence with Secondary Unit (up to 33 fixture units) for the single family and up to 11 fixture units for the secondary unit
$3,485 per both units
(3) Conversion of Single Family Residence to one with Secondary Unit (up to an additional 11 fixture units for conversion)
$550 per second unit
(4) Plus, as to Items (1) and (2) above, there is in excess of 33 fixture units, an additional
$63 per fixture unit
Plus, as to Items (1) and (2) above, common facilities
$63 per fixture unit
As to Items (3) and (4) above, if there is in excess of 33 fixture units to primary residence or in excess of a total of 11 fixture units in the secondary unit, there is, an additional
$63 per fixture unit
B. Multiple Residential Dwelling
  Up to and including 21 fixture units
$1,975 Minimum per D/U
  Plus, in excess of 21 fixture units
$63 per fixture unit
  Plus, common facilities
$63 per fixture unit
C. Commercial, Industrial, Public and Other Uses
$63 per fixture unit;
$3,150 Minimum
  Plus additional fees which may be charged based on type of use and/or type and/or amount of discharge.
D. Condominium Conversion
  Difference between charge initially paid for connection as a multiple dwelling, as credited against charges for single dwellings in effect at time of conversion to condominium
$63 Minimum per D/U
E. Change of Use/Alteration or Addition to Existing Connection
  For change of use/alteration or addition to addition to connection
$63 Minimum
  Plus, for each fixture unit in excess of 33
$63 per fixture unit
F. Special Connection Charges
  In addition to the above fees, District may impose charges based on type of use, discharge, or impact on District facilities, to provide the equitable distribution of the cost of District's wastewater system.
G. Swimming Pools

$63 per fixture unit

  2" Discharge Pipe - 4 fixture units
3" Discharge Pipe - 6 fixture units
4" Discharge Pipe - 8 fixture units

Single Residential Dwelling

  One single residential dwelling unit (SRDU)
$100 per SRDU
B. Multiple Residential Dwelling  
  For each building sewer installation
$100 per installation
C. Commercial, Industrial, Public and Other Uses
  For each building sewer installation
$100 per installation
D. Industrial Waste Discharge Permit Required Use
  In a sum equal to District's cost for processing the Industrial Waste Discharge Permit Application and Permit, reviewing proposed monitoring programs, and inspecting pretreatment and monitoring facilities. If District's estimate of expense exceeds the minimum fee of $500 per permit by 25%, the fee shall be based on said estimated cost
$500 Minimum
E. Public Sewer Construction  
(1) Encroachment Permit
$70 Minimum
(2) Inspection Charge - In a sum equal to District's costs for inspection, including but not limited to staff's hourly rate, plus benefits, transportation and administrative costs
$70 Minimum
F. Alteration of Existing Use or Installation
  NOTE: In the event any part of a sewer is stored or altered without the issuance of a permit and the inspection of said sewer, the fee for the issuance of said permit and the inspection of said sewer shall be double the amounts listed above, plus an additional fee of $100 to District for issuing an Encroachment Permit. Said fee shall be paid upon submittal of an application form provided by District.
$70 Minimum
Bathtub with shower head
Dishwasher (undercounter)
Floor Drain
Laundry tubs and trays 2
Laundry (clotheswashing machine) 2
Lavatory (wash basin), single 1
Lavatory (wash basin), double 2
Shower, single stall 2
Sink (bar) (*) 1
Sink (kitchen) (**) 2
Water Closet (tank-type and flush valve type) 6

(*) 1-1/2" minimum waste line
(**) 2" minimum waste line

Car Wash (each stall) 12
Dental Units (cuspidor) 1
Drinking Fountain (per head) 1
Dishwasher (commercial type) 25
Laundry, tubs and trays 2
Laundry, self service clothes washing machine 8
Laundry, commercial 8
Interceptor for grease, oil, solids, etc. 3
Interceptor for sand, auto wash, etc. 6
Receptors (floor sink) 1
Receptors  3
Indirect Waste for: Coffee urn, refrigerator, water station 1
Indirect Waste for: Airwasher, commercial sink, Dishwasher 3
Recreational Vehicle Dump Station 25
Recreational Vehicle Park (per space) 7
Shower, gang (one unit per head) 1
Sink (bar) (**) 2
Sink (flushing rim-clinic) 6
Sink (wash-up sink, wash fountain, etc.) (**) - commercial or industrial, schools, etc. 3
Trailer park trap (1 per trailer) 7
Urinal, stall 2
Urinal, wall (**) 2
Wash fountain (**) 3
Wash-up sink (**) 3

(**) 2" minimum waste line

Extendable Drain Lines  
Drain line stubs, which provide a means for future extension of drains, shall be assigned the number of fixture units listed in the following schedule:

Diameter of Drain Line

Fixture Units


1-1/2 inches and smaller


2 inches


2-1/2 inches


3 inches


4 inches


Swimming Pools:  

2" discharge pipe


3" discharge pipe


4" discharge pipe