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Construction and Demolition Recycling Program

DCMC § 15.64 Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Debris

The City of Daly City is required by State Law to divert a minimum of 50% of its waste from landfills. Many of the materials generated from construction and demolition (C&D) projects can be successfully diverted through recycling or reuse. Requiring the recycling of C&D materials, as a condition of building permits, will assist Daly City in complying with State law.

Through its Recycling and Diversion of Construction and Demolition Debris Ordinance, Daly City requires a minimum of 60% of debris generated by certain C&D projects be recycled.

Please click here for Construction and Demolition Recycling Program brochure.

The ordinance requires a refundable deposit be submitted when the applicant applies for a covered project permit. As a condition of deposit return, Daly City requires documentation of recycling/ diversion activities be submitted at the project’s completion (as evidenced by a final inspection). The City must receive all refund requests no later than 180 days after the project is terminated or completed, or the deposit will be forfeited.

If an applicant performs demolition or construction without complying with the recycling requirements of the permit, the applicant’s original deposit shall be forfeited.

At the completion of the job, the applicant (contractor) must document compliance with the C&D ordinance and CALGreen by submitting a C&D Refund Deposit Request Form, along with all recycling/disposal facility receipts and, if applicable, salvage receipts. Deposit refunds will not be processed until all documentation has been submitted and verified.

Projects Covered by the Ordinance and CALGreen

The C&D ordinance applies to the following:

  • All alterations of a building when the value of the project exceeds $15,000.
  • All new construction of a building when the value of the project exceeds $25,000. In addition to the ordinance, CALGreen applies to all new construction of a building regardless of project value.
  • All roofing tear-offs greater than 100 square feet.
  • All complete demolitions of a building.
  • In addition to the ordinance, CALGreen requires 50% diversion for additions 1,000 or more sq. ft.

For all covered projects exceeding $30,000 in value, a C&D Waste Management Plan (WMP) must be submitted and approved prior to permit issuance. The applicant (contractor) will use the WMP to demonstrate maximum reuse and/or recycling of debris and other waste generated during demolition, new construction, roofing, landscape, and other construction projects. Note: For CALGreen, a waste management plan is not required if using an approved mixed C&D facility.

Planning for Waste Management

Before starting an applicable demolition, construction, or remodeling project, the applicant must determine how to manage C&D debris and any excess building materials. Options to consider:

  • Materials can be taken to an approved facility for recovery/recycling, and/or
  • Materials can be re-used or donated.

Note:  The applicant is responsible for ensuring the recycling requirements are met for all waste generated on site, including waste generated by contractors and subcontractors.

Deposit Required

The amount of the required C&D deposit is calculated as follows:

Complete Demolition:                     $3,000

Roof Tear-Off:                                 $300
(greater than 100 square feet)

New Construction orAlteration

Residential:               3% of project value

         Minimum:                               $300
         Maximum:                           $5,000

Commercial:              3% of project value

         Minimum:                               $300
         Maximum:                         $30,000

Deposit payment is due when the permit is issued.

Deposit Exemptions

The following projects are exempt from the C&D deposit requirement:

  • Work for which a building or demolition permit is not required.
  • New construction projects less than $25,000 in value.
  • Alteration projects less than $15,000 in value.
  • Roofing projects less than 100 square feet or do not include tear-off of existing roof.
  • Work for which only a plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit is required.
  • Seismic tie-down projects.
  • Projects where no structural building modifications are proposed.
  • Emergency demolition required to protect the public health and safety.

While not required, it is encouraged that at least 60% of all project-related C&D debris from exempt projects be diverted.

Deposit Refund

The C&D deposit will be returned to the permit applicant* upon satisfactory proof that C&D debris has been diverted from disposal and has been recycled or reused or the C&D debris has been taken to an approved recycling provider. Failure to comply with the C&D requirements will cause deposit forfeiture.

Be sure receipts reflect 'recycling' by taking all debris to a facility that can recycle the materials. When at the gate of any facility, be sure to tell them would like to recycle the material and you need a receipt. The receipt will indicate the material was either recycled or disposed of. If a debris box company handles all the waste, you will need to request the debris box company take your waste to an approved recycling facility and provide you with appropriate receipts from those facilities. NOTE: Allied Waste is the only solid waste provider allowed to supply debris boxes within Daly City and you must request the materials be recycled in advance of pick up.

Once all documentation is collected (disposal receipts, actual weight tags, invoices, reports, or other records of measurement from recycling companies, deconstruction contractors, and/or landfill and disposal companies), review and follow all instructions given on the C&D Refund Request Form to complete the refund process. Use a separate C&D Deposit Refund Request form for each permitted project where a C&D deposit was paid. Refunds will also be granted for projects where the building permit application is withdrawn or cancelled before any work was started.

The City must receive all refund requests no later than 180 days after the project is completed (as evidenced by a final inspection), or terminated.

*Property owner may request refund upon evidence of deposit payment.

Recycling Service Providers

A list of potential recycling service providers is available at the Building Division counter and online at www.recycleworks.org (a program of San Mateo County).

Recycling facilities and haulers must be able to provide proof of recycling. If you intend to haul mixed debris, you must take it to an approved facility where it will be sorted and diverted from landfill.

Approved facilities for mixed C&D debris:

Blue Line Transfer, Inc.
      500 East Jamie Ct. , South San Francisco
      (650) 589-5511

Recology San Bruno
      101 Tanforan Ave., San Bruno
      (650) 583-8536

Shoreway Environmental Center
      333 Shoreway Rd., San Carlos
      (650) 802-8355 

Recology San Francisco
      501 Tunnel Ave., San Francisco
      (415) 330-1400

Approved facility for mixed loads of crushed asphalt, concrete and dirt:

Ox Mountain Sanitary Landfill
      12310 San Mateo Rd., Half Moon Bay
      (650) 726-1819

If a debris box service is used, it is the applicant’s responsibility to direct the debris box company (as with any hauler) where the debris should be hauled for recycling.

For More Information:

On salvage and reuse options, contact RecycleWorks at (888) 442-2666.

Daly City’s C&D Program, contact the Building Division at (650) 991-8061.

C&D Forms:

Click here for a copy of the C&D Waste Management Plan form (required for all covered projects exceeding $30,000 in value.

Click here for a copy of the C&D Refund Request Form (form must be submitted with receipts within 180 days of final inspection approval; refund will be issued to permit applicant).

Click here for Construction and Demolition Recycling Program Brochure.