Sewer Line Replacement


Replacing sewer lines in the City of Daly City requires permits and inspections by either or both the Daly City Building Division and Engineering Division or Bayshore Sanitation District (BSD).  Except for verifiable emergencies outside of normal business hours, a permit must be obtained before work is begun.

The Building Division is responsible for issuing permits and performing inspections on private property within the city limits of the City of Daly City.  A plumbing permit is required for sewer line replacement.  Private property normally begins near the house side of the public sidewalk.

The Engineering Division is responsible for issuing permits and performing inspections within the City right-of-way (ROW).  The public sidewalk, street, curb and driveway approach are normally within the City right-of-way.  A street or sidewalk permit and sewer permit must be obtained before work is begun in the public right-or way.

The Bayshore Sanitation District is responsible for issuing permits and performing inspections for sewer work within the street right-of-way in the Bayshore neighborhood.  The Daly City Engineering Division issues street opening or sidewalk permits if the street is to be opened or there is work to the sidewalk, curb or gutter.

In unincorporated Broadmoor and the Town of Colma, the Daly City Engineering Division inspects sewer work within the public right of way.  The San Mateo County Building Division issues permits and inspects work on private property.

Responsibilities for Sewer Line Permits and Inspections


Permits and Inspections on
Private Property

Permits and Inspections of Sewer in the Public Right of Way

Street and Sidewalk Permits

Bayshore Neighborhood 

Daly City Building Div

Bayshore Sanitation Dist

Daly City Engineering Div

Broadmoor, Town of Colma

San Mateo County Building Div

Daly City Engineering Div

San Mateo County
Dept of Public Works

Remainder of Daly City

Daly City Building Div

Daly City Engineering Div

Daly City Engineering Div



Throughout Daly City (both within the NSMCSD and the BSD) and in Broadmoor and the Town of Colma, the following materials are allowed for the building sewer (portion of the building sanitary drain system from a point two feet outside of the building to the public sewer)and work within the public right-of-way:

  • Ductile iron
  • Polyethylene (PE) SDR 11 and 17 (black pipe is prohibited)
  • Poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) SDR 26 and 35.  Connections are to be push on elastomeric gasket type.

Cast iron and vitrified clay are not acceptable sewer materials.

Note:  Daly City prohibits the use of plastic piping materials within buildings for drain, waste, vent and water supply piping.

Partial Replacement

When replacing only a portion or section of the building sewer, approved materials must be used; i.e., new cast iron or vitrified clay piping, even for replacement, is not allowed.


Every building must have a cleanout located at the junction of the building drain and building sewer, located two feet outside of the building.  A one-way cleanout is required.  It must be installed in the direction of flow.  The cleanout must be of approved plastic or ductile iron materials.   The cleanout must be protected with a Christy G5 valve box with cast iron cover marked “sewer.”

Sewer Line Connections

Connections are to be push-on elastomeric gasket type or Mission MR series ARC couplings.


  • A plumbing code-complying water test may be performed.  The sewer line must be plugged at its lowest point, be completely filled with water, be inspected and be found not to leak.
  • The sewer line may be filled with an equivalent low-pressure air test.
  • For the trenchless PE piping method, the line may be installed, with the connection points left open for inspection, and a television video of the inside of the line made for the City’s viewing.  The video must show the house address and must extend to and show the connection to the main sewer. 


For further information, please call the appropriate division/district:

Bayshore Sanitation District     (415) 467-1144

Daly City Building Division     (650) 991-8061

Daly City Engineering Division     (650) 991-8064

San Mateo County Building Inspection Division     (650) 599-7311

San Mateo County Department of Public Works     (650) 363-4100