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Scheduling Inspections on Building Construction Projects

The City must inspect construction work for which a permit is required.

Construction work must remain accessible and exposed for inspection until approved by a City inspector. It is the duty of the person doing the work to notify the City when that work is ready for inspection. Work must not be covered or concealed until the City has approved it.

Construction work may only begin after a permit is obtained from the City. If you have questions concerning permit issuance or inspection scheduling, please telephone (650) 991-8061 and ask to speak to an inspector.

Utility and Engineering Inspections

NOTE: For the following piping inspections, piping and connections must be completed and visible. Do not backfill trenches until inspections have been approved!

  • Water service inspection from the street to the water meter.
    Made by the Engineering Division. This inspection is to be requested for any piping on the City side of the water meter. Connections and piping must be complete and visible.
  • The Building Division makes water line inspection from the water meter to the building.
    This inspection is requested for piping between the building and the water meter. Connections and piping must be complete and visible. An air or water pressure test is required.
  • Sewer connection inspection.
    Made by the Engineering Division. It is made for sewer piping in the public right of way.
  • Bayshore Sanitation District sewer inspection.
    Made by calling the Bayshore Sanitation District. It applies only to those projects located in the Bayshore District.
  • Sewer line inspection.
    Made by the Building Division. It includes the sewer line between the building and public right of way. The line must be air or water pressure tested.
  • Street, sidewalk, curb and gutter.
    Made by the Engineering Division. They are made when the excavation is complete, reinforcing is in place and properly supported before concrete is placed.
  • Engineering final inspection,
    Made by the Engineering Division. To be requested when there has been street, sidewalk, curb and gutter or driveway approach work done in the right of way.

Inspections New Buildings or Additions

1. Foundation inspection - To be requested when footings are excavated, forms, reinforcing steel, hold-downs and the UFER ground are in place.

NOTE: The floor sheathing is not to be installed until the following four under-floor inspections are approved:

2. Under-floor framing - To be requested when there is a raised wood floor over a crawl space or uninhabited area when all under-floor framing is in place including cripple walls and floor joists.

  • Under-floor plumbing - No plumbing or drainage system shall be covered or concealed until it has been tested, inspected and approved. All required tests shall be conducted in the presence of the building inspector.
  • Under-floor mechanical - This inspection includes all rough ductwork.
  • Under-floor insulation inspection - To be scheduled when insulation is securely fastened in place.

NOTE: The under-floor insulation is not to be installed until inspections listed under number 2 above are approved.

3. Blind wall inspection - This inspection is necessary for walls located within 18 inches of the property line. Normally, separate inspections are called for the gypsum and the plywood shear wall nailing.

· Shear wall inspection - To be requested when shear walls are complete, fasteners and hold-downs are in place.

4. Fire sprinkler inspection - To be requested from the Fire Department when the fire sprinkler piping is in place. This inspection is only needed if a fire suppression system is being installed or modified.

NOTE: The framing will not be signed off until the fire sprinkler inspection has been approved.

NOTE: The following inspections are to be scheduled together when possible.

NOTE: Insulation is not to be installed until these inspections have been approved.

  • Electrical rough inspection - When wiring is complete. Boxes must be open for inspection and splices made up in boxes.
  • Mechanical rough inspection - When ductwork, fireplace, appliance flues and bathroom vents are in place.
  • Plumbing rough inspection - When drain, waste, vent and water supply piping is in place. Water and drain piping must have either a water or air pressure test. Gas piping must be pressure tested to 15 pounds per square inch (psi) for 10 minutes.
  • Frame inspection - To be requested when framing, exterior wall sheathing and electrical, plumbing and mechanical rough work is in place.

5. Insulation inspection - To be requested when thermal insulation is in place and penetrations in the exterior thermal membrane have been sealed.

NOTE: The interior wall covering materials are not to be installed until after the insulation has been approved.

6. Sheetrock or interior lath inspection - To be requested when these elements are properly fastened in place, before plastering or joint compound is installed.

  • Stucco lath (paper & wire) inspection - To be requested when lath is in place, before stucco is applied
  • Stucco scratch coat inspection - After the first coat of stucco is applied.

7. Final fire sprinkler inspection - NOTE: See fire inspector for final requirements.

NOTE: The following final inspections are to be requested together.They will not be signed off until the fire and engineering final inspections and all other required inspections have been approved.

  • Electrical final inspection - Includes installation of all fixtures, switches and receptacles. All of the Electrical system must be operational at time of final inspection.
  • Mechanical final inspection - When all connections to fuel lines are made and appliances are operational.
  • Plumbing final - When all plumbing fixtures are installed and are operational.
    NOTE: Gas piping test will be required at this time prior to any appliance connections.
  • Building final inspection - (The last inspection)
    To be made after finish grading and the building is completed and ready for occupancy. All fixtures must be installed.

Required Inspections Check List:

  • Foundation (footing / piers)
  • Foundation Stem Wall
  • Slab or Under-floor

Note: The above inspections may include underground electrical and underground plumbing with top out.

  • Under-floor Frame - Includes any seismic devices, ductwork, vent locations, electrical work and plumbing with top out that will be located in the under-floor area.
  • Under-floor Insulation
  • Blind Wall
  • Roof sheathing
  • Exterior Shear Wall
  • Interior Shear Wall

Note: Roof sheathing, exterior & interior shear with hold downs are usually inspected together

  • Rough Plumbing (top out)
  • Rough Mechanical (duct work)
  • Rough Electrical (wiring)

Note: The rough plumbing, top out, rough mechanical (duct work) and rough electrical (wiring) can be inspected at the same time as the framing inspection; however, framing cannot be inspected before the rough plumbing, top out, rough duct work, rough wiring or fire sprinklers have been approved.

  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Framing
  • Stucco Wrap & Wire
  • Scratch Coat
  • Insulation
  • Sheetrock
  • Water Service
  • Sewer Connection
  • Electrical Service
  • Fire Final (if applicable)
  • Engineering Final (if applicable)
  • Bayshore Sanitary District Final (if applicable)
  • Building Final Inspections including:
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Building (always last)

Inspection Scheduling

Inspections are scheduled by calling the responsible division or department. To schedule an inspection with the Building Division, call before 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, the day before the inspection is needed. For other inspections, call the appropriate Division or Department for their schedule.

Inspection scheduling telephone numbers are:

Building Division (650) 991-8061
Engineering Division (650) 991-8064
Fire Department (650) 991-8138
Bayshore Sanitary District (415) 467-1144