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A Guide to Preparing Plans for a Wood Frame Deck

This handout is to aid homeowners in preparing plans to make a permit application.


  • The City of Daly City requires three sets of plans for the proposed wood frame deck to be submitted for review.
  • A set consists of a plot plan, drawn on a 1/8" to 1' scale. The elevation plan, floor plan, framing plan and foundation plan are to be drawn on a ¼" to 1' scale. Details are to be drawn to a larger scale.
  • Plans must be submitted on a minimum 11" x 17" or larger paper.

When preparing plans, be certain adequate information is provided.

  • · Plot Plan (Figure 1)
    The plot plan must show the dimensions of the property, location and setbacks of the existing structure and location of the proposed deck.
  • Floor Plan (Figure 2)
    A floor plan must show the existing interior layout of the building and how the proposed deck is integrated with the current interior layout.
  • Exterior Elevation (Figure 3a and b)
    The elevation plan shows how the proposed deck will look when completed. Elevation plans will help visualize the proposed deck with side and front views.

    In addition to the plot plan, floor plan and elevation plan, the plan must show and define the structural members of the proposed deck.

    • Foundation Plan (Figure 4)
      The foundation plan shows the layout of the main support of the proposed deck, which are called the "footings." The plan must show the distances between footings and distance from the existing structure.
    • Framing Plan (Figure 5)
      The framing plan shows the layout of all structural members such as floor joists, floor deck, beams or girders and columns. The sizes and spacing of these members must be shown on this plan.


    Details are drawn to a minimum scale of 3/8" = 1'-0". Specify all materials, framing members, mechanical connectors, bolts and nails. Include size and spacing of all members and connectors. Nails and bolts shall be galvanized.

    Details are to be keyed into the plan.


    If you need additional information, please phone the Building Division at (650) 991-8061.