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Help Reduce Winter Air Pollution

Help Reduce Winter Air Pollution

Winter air pollution is mainly caused by small particle pollution, or particulate matter (PM). The two major winter sources of PM in the Bay Area are residential wood burning and motor vehicles.

You can help reduce winter air pollution if you:

- Do NOT burn wood.

- Retrofit your fireplace to burn natural gas, a cleaner alternative to wood burning.

- If you must burn wood, burn less and use only dry, clean, seasoned wood, and nonglossy white paper. Moist, or "green" wood smolders more, producing greater amounts of harmful air pollutants.

- Check the chimney. Where there's smoke, there's a bad fire. Excess smoke means that the fire isn't burning properly.

To see the current air quality forecast, visit www.sparetheair.org

Thank you for doing your part to Spare the Air!

This AirAlert is provided by your Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the City of Daly City.