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City Council Message

Message from the CITY COUNCIL of DALY CITY


The lazy days of summer are upon us, but they haven't slowed the pace of activity in Daly City. There isn't a corner of the City that isn’t experiencing a flurry of development and community improvements fueled by a continued robust economy. This economic vitality is reaping many benefits for our community with development projects such as Pacific Plaza and the new Hampton Inn Hotel taking shape, while changing the landscape of Daly City.

The economic prosperity
that is effecting govern-ment at all levels is reflected in the budget growth experienced this year. In June, the City Council approved the new two-year budget for 2000-01 and 2001-02. For the first time in many years, we approved broader increases to meet the growing needs of our community.

The $49,883,603 general fund budget
approved for 2000-01 includes a number of program, service and staffing level enhancements. We'd like to share some of the budget highlights with you.

The Daly City Police Department
was recently cited in a national survey for its efforts to make Daly City among the top ten safest cities in the USA. To foster continued public safety and security, the Council approved:

  • Three new police officers in the 2000-01 budget;
  • one new public safety dispatcher to enhance customer service delivery in the communications center;
  • and two new police assistants to provide improved parking enforcement and abandoned vehicle abatement.

In 2001-02,
the second year of our two-year budget cycle, the general fund budget of $52,302,822 includes a new police officer in the Detective Division of the Police Department.

The Parks and Recreation Department also received significant new budget allocations including:

  • A Teen Recreation Program Coordinator responsible for activities and programming at four school-based satellite teen facilities;
  • a Program Assistant added in the Senior Division to work at the Lincoln Park Clubhouse;
  • two new Program Coordinators added in each of the next two years to the Peninsula Partnership program to assist in programs for Kindergarten Readiness, Homework Assistance, Tutoring and Cultural Enrichment.

In the Daly City Public library,
a new children's librarian was added, increasing direct library services to children and families by 100%. Evening and Saturday story times will now be possible.

These are just a few
of the service level improve-ments authorized in the new budget to maintain and expand the high quality municipal services of which Daly City takes pride. Each City department has received more resources to ensure that customer service levels remain at a consistently superior level.

The economic growth
that Daly City and other cities are experiencing has had an even bigger impact on State revenues. The total state surplus is estimated at $13 billion this year. This should be good news for cities that suffered through the great recession of the 1990's. Despite the huge State surplus, the Legislature and Governor continue to shift your tax dollars away from Daly City through the Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (ERAF). During the ‘90s recession, the Legislature transferred $3.6 billion of property taxes from local agencies to the schools in order to improve the state general fund.

In Daly City,
during the eight-year period from 1993 through 2000, the state took $14,222,480 under the ERAF shift. The ERAF property tax shift has been compounded by a variety of other state revenue cuts and the addition of fees to local governments totaling $9.5 million during the same period. The loss of more than $23 million in Daly City revenues that could have been allocated to programs and services benefiting our community is unconscionable. The process of draining cities of revenues required to support needed local services must end.

What can YOU do?
Write or call the Governor's Office and your State Legislators, Senator Jackie Speier and Assemblymen Kevin Shelley and Lou Papan. Let them know that you'd like the ERAF shift to stop, since the state has a $13 billion surplus. The Governor has proposed $250 million in one-time funds for local government. Compared to the take-aways that have already occurred, this amount is a pittance.

There are many local needs
that remain unfunded, such as the proposed Bayshore Commu-nity Center and library facility, a new community center and library to replace the War Memorial and John Daly Library, and other capital projects too numerous to mention. Restoring your local property taxes would go a long way toward funding these important community amenities.

As summer turns to fall,
we wish you and your families a relaxing and satisfying break before the busy holiday season is all too soon upon us.


City Council of Daly City