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Bayshort Revitalization Efforts Underway

Since fall of 1998, the City has undertaken a major effort to adopt a new redevelopment project area in the Bayshore neighborhood of Daly City. Redevelopment is a tool that enables local jurisdictions to promote economic and physical revitalization of particular neighborhoods of a city.

Boundaries of Proposed Bayshore Redevelopment Project


The Bayshore Revitalization Committee comprised of Councilmembers Carol L. Klatt and Michael P. Guingona have worked closely with City staff and a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) comprised of approximately 25 Bayshore residents and businesses, to determine Bayshore redevelopment goals and identify specific priority projects that will facilitate the attainment of these goals. The draft redevelopment plan for the Bayshore includes the following major goals:

  • Elimination of economic blighting conditions including depressed property values, high vacancy rates, and the lack of necessary public and commercial facilities normally found in neighborhoods, such as banks, post-offices, grocery and drug stores
  • Elimination of physical blighting conditions
  • Rehabilitation of buildings that are in major disrepair, and remediation of critical structural deficiencies in residential and commercial structures
  • Development which will reduce incidents of crime, panhandling and vandalism in the area
  • Encouraging reinvestment in the neighborhood, and creating opportunities for residents to actively participate in all redevelopment/revitalization efforts
  • The expansion, improvement and preservation of the supply of housing available to low and moderate income persons and families.

The Draft Report to Council for the Bayshore Redevelopment Project was approved by the Redevelopment Agency on April 26, 1999 and includes extensive information on the proposed project including

    1. A description of the project area;
    2. An evaluation of existing conditions in the project area;
    3. A description of the proposed redevelopment program, including an overview of proposed activities and their associated costs; and
    4. An analysis of the proposed project’s overall financial feasibility.

The Report to Council also includes an implementation that identifies specific redevelopment activities and their associated costs during the first five years of the project.  

A Joint Public Hearing on the Proposed Redevelopment Plan for the Bayshore Redevelopment Project will be held on June 14, 1999 at 7:00 P.M. in the City Council Chambers located at 333 – 90th Street, Daly City. The Public Hearing is intended to provide the public with the opportunity to express their views for and against the proposed redevelopment project.

Copies of the Draft Redevelopment Plan and Report to Council are available for review at City Hall.

Questions on the proposed redevelopment project, associated documents and the public hearing may be directed to Betsy ZoBell, Housing and Community Development Supervisor, 650-991-8255.

More news on the Bayshore "front"...

When Bayshore residents talk of the winds of change blowing through the neighborhood, chances are they aren’t referring to the breezy draughts known to gust through the area!

On April 10th, a full-day design workshop or "charrette" was organized in the Bayshore neighborhood to seek community input on the revitalization process. The workshop, jointly hosted by Daly City and the San Mateo Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, was attended by more than a hundred individuals, including architects and other design professionals, elected officials, Bayshore residents and local business owners.

A number of novel proposals, ranging from conceptual planning schemes to more concrete development proposals, emerged from this intensive all-day exercise. Among the ideas presented were suggestions for the imaginative treatment of commercial facades along Geneva Avenue, hosting a Farmer’s Market in the Bayshore, and encouraging alternate uses for vacant commercial properties. Other proposals included various landscaping and street improvement options for Geneva Avenue and the reconfiguration of this arterial to fully capitalize on its proposed connection with Interstate 101.


Shaping the Future of the Bayshore