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Council Authorizes Grants to Remove Security Bars

City Council Authorizes Grants of up to $1,500 to Remove Illegal Security Bars

The number of window bars, grills and security doors in Daly City has been increasing. The safety of these items concerns the Police and Fire Departments because they may prevent residents from escaping from their homes in an emergency.

Replacement of security grills on bedroom windows and exterior doors is expensive, but should be done to insure the safety of both family and friends. To help the residents of Daly City, the City Council has approved the use of Community Development Block Grant funds, under the Residential Rehabilitation program, to assist income eligible homeowners with this vital task. Income limits are annual gross income of $29,300 for 1 person; $33,300 for 2 persons; $37,450 for 3 persons; and, $41,600 for 4 persons.

The replacement grills must meet Uniform Building Code Requirements. This means security bars and gates need to be equipped with approved release mechanisms which can be opened from the inside without use of a key or special knowledge or effort. Additionally, smoke detectors must be installed in each sleeping room and hallway leading to sleeping rooms. If there is more than one level of living area, there should be a smoke detector on each level.

Grants of up to $1,500 are available for replacing illegal bars or grills on bedroom windows and retrofitting exterior door grills for safe, secure exiting. Interested, eligible homeowners should call the Rehab Coordinator, to obtain an application for this grant. To make the process easier, it is requested that you have household income information ready when you call.

For further information, contact Marina Anaya, Community Development Specialist, at (650) 991-8069