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Corralling Stray Shopping Carts

Daly City adopts ordinance to corral stray shopping carts

Daly City – Daly City businesses lose hundreds of shopping carts every month. Stolen and abandoned carts are found throughout the City on both public and private property. The retrieval and replacement of shopping carts costs local businesses thousands of dollars each year. While cart theft creates an economic burden for many businesses, local government agencies are often faced with the task of collecting errant shopping carts. Although abandoned carts create visual blight in neighborhoods, most cities lack the resources to continually retrieve stray carts.

The City Council recently adopted an ordinance in an effort to reduce the unlawful removal of shopping carts from stores and shopping centers in Daly City. The ordinance also facilitates the timely return of stolen and abandoned carts. While both the City and businesses discourage the removal of shopping carts from the store of origin, all carts should be clearly marked with a phone number so individuals can notify owners of the location of stray carts.

If you would like more information about this ordinance, please contact the Daly City Code Enforcement Office at (650) 991-8260.