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Students Hold Mock City Council Meeting

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Jane Chambers, Assistant City Manager
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Daly City High School Students

To Hold ‘Mock’ City Council Meeting

Eureka! Student Counterparts of Local Officials

To Simulate $40 Million Payback from the State

Daly City – Tired of hearing about the State of California raiding local tax monies? On Monday, April 18, 2005, 23 seniors from Jefferson and Westmoor high schools will have an opportunity to role play a designated city official in Daly City, in a scenario that offers a chance for them to learn about the wide range of services provided by a municipality. This year, the students will simulate a wishful gold-rush scenario: a $20 million payback check from the State of California on the first year and an additional $2 million a year for the next 10 years.

Starting at 6 p.m., at the Council Chambers located at 333 – 90 th Street in Daly City, the students will assume the roles of their city government mentors. As student-Department Directors, they will present agenda items that were prepared and submitted to the student-City Clerk last April 8. As student-Mayor and Councilmembers, they will review, assess and compromise on the various ways to best utilize hypothetical, and unexpected, revenues over the next two fiscal years and beyond.

After many years of seeing red marks over proposed local services, event organizers decided to re-write last year’s “dream a little California dream” scenario for this year’s Students in Local Government 2005 class. “Instead of the predictable budget cutbacks, students will develop a $20 million citywide Services and Facilities Enhancement Plan for the next fiscal year, plus $2 million more each year for the next 10 years. We wanted them to see the difference $40 million makes – which approaches Daly City revenues taken by the State since 1981,” explained Assistant City Manager Jane Chambers.

The one-hour meeting will be videotaped, to be aired at a later date on the city’s government-access cable channel (Channel 27 for Comcast subscribers and Channel 26 for RCN subscribers). The annual program, which is sponsored by the City of Daly City and the Jefferson Union High School District, provides teens with a firsthand look at the internal operations of a city government, while fulfilling a social science graduation requirement.