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City Embarks on Aggressive FOG Campaign

Media Contact:  
John C. Martin, City Manager, City of Daly City (650) 991-8127
Patrick Sweetland, Director, Department of Water and Wastewater Resources
(650) 991-8200
Residents Encouraged to Keep Fats, Oils and Grease out of the Sewer
Daly City – Daly City will always be beloved for our fog, the natural air conditioner that glides in from the majestic Pacific Ocean. But the City is trying to distance itself from another type of FOG: the Fats, Oils and Grease that build up in the sewer system over time, causing unsightly and illegal discharges in our streets. To combat this, the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources (DWWR) is kicking off an educational outreach campaign this February. The aim of the campaign is clear: taking proactive measures to eliminate fats, oils and grease from the sewer system.

Cooking oil and grease buildup in sewer lines has many harmful and costly effects. Sewer blockages can cause backups into homes resulting in an unpleasant mess that can cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to clean up. Who pays? You, the consumer, pay either directly out of your pocket or indirectly through increased sewer rates even if DWWR does the cleanup. Besides the mess, untreated sewage can cause serious health hazards and negatively impact the environment.

According to Daly City Mayor Carol Klatt, “Fats, oils and grease are very harmful to the sewer system. However, Daly City residents can do a lot to help eliminate them. Residents can make a few simple changes right in their own home.” Those changes include:

· DON’T pour cooking oil, grease or greasy food down the drain;
· DON’T use hot water and soap to wash grease down the drain, as it will cool and harden in the sewer line;
· DO pour cooled grease into disposable containers and into the garbage;
· DO use a paper towel to wipe away residual grease or oil on dishes, pots and pans prior to washing them; and
· DO recycle cooking oil and grease for free at DWWR!

That’s right, as part of this new FOG campaign, Daly City residents are encouraged to recycle their used cooking oil and grease for free at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 153 Lake Merced Blvd in Daly City. DWWR has procured a 247-gallon recycling station, where residents can dispose of their used cooking oil and grease instead of washing it down the sink. Residents can contact the Department of Water and Wastewater Resources at (650) 991-8200 to set up an appointment for drop-off.