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Avalon Canyon Emergency Repairs

Avalon Canyon Emergency Repairs

City of Daly City, Department of Public Works :
Tuesday, February 04, 2003


The emergency repairs to the drainage system in Avalon Canyon have been completed by the contractor. The completed repairs include cleaning out all debris in the ruptured drainpipe and replacing approximately 400 feet of drain pipe with jointless high density polyethylene. The slopes in need of emergency repairs have been regraded, seeded and covered by erosion blankets. This emergency work was required to protect the canyon against possible mass erosion resulting from the leakage out of the drainage pipes. Silt removal from the siltation basins and slope restoration work will be completed in the summer, when the ground has dried out.

Thank you for your patience during this construction project. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Harry Winter
Project Inspector
City of Daly City
(650) 991-8164

Thank you for your patience while we made improvements.