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Consumer Privacy Ordinance

Press Contact:  
Adrienne Tissier, Vice Mayor of Daly City
John C. Martin, City Manager
(650) 991-8008
(650) 991-8127

City Council To Consider Stringent Laws
Against Unwanted Financial Disclosure on August 12th

Daly City – At its July 8th meeting, the City Council voted for a month-long continuance before further consideration of a local consumer privacy ordinance, originally introduced by Vice Mayor Adrienne Tissier at the previous June 24th meeting.

The second reading and consideration of the proposed law, which would require all local financial institutions to notify and secure consent from residents prior to sharing or selling personal financial information about them, has been rescheduled for August 12th.

NOTE: A news release on this item, posted on the City's website from June 27th to July 21st, inaccurately characterized the actions at the June 24th City Council meeting in which the ordinance was introduced. At the July 8th meeting, the City Council voted for the month-long continuance before further consideration takes place. We regret any confusion and misunderstanding this may have caused.

Before a city ordinance can be adopted, two readings must occur during the regular City Council meetings. After its adoption by the City Council, the proposed ordinance normally becomes law 30 days after the second reading.

We hope this clarification is helpful. For further information on procedures, you may contact the City Attorney's Office at (650) 991-8122. - Webmaster