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Daly City's Summer Road Resurfacing Projects Are Underway

Daly City's summer street pavement projects have begun and will continue through August.  Since 1998, Daly City's Department of Public Works has undertaken a comprehensive street pavement preventative maintenance program that includes an annual Street Slurry Seal Project. This year’s project includes the St. Francis Heights neighborhood, and sections of Oriente Street, Ottilia Street, and Schwerin Street.  This project is funded by Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act.

The City’s contractor, Graham Contractors, Inc., will be performing the work.  The slurry seal process spreads a thin asphalt and aggregate mixture on the street surface to provide a protective coating to extend the pavement life and improve its appearance. 

A map of the project area, along with a projected schedule, is available by clicking here.