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Worst Drought in State’s History Requires More Water Conservation

In response to the ongoing severe drought, the State Water Resources Control Board issued an emergency regulation to water agencies, which includes the City of Daly City, to increase water conservation or face possible fines of up to $500 a day for each infraction.

In order to comply with the new regulation, the City of Daly City will need to adopt an urgency ordinance that regulates outdoor water use, including measures for enforcement. In addition, the City will need to report water use to the State on a monthly basis to track progress. The City Council is scheduled to review this issue on August 11.

With this new regulation and adoption of an urgency local ordinance, all residents will be expected to stop:

  • Washing down driveways and sidewalks
  • Watering outdoor landscapes that cause visible runoff
  • Using a hose to wash a motor vehicle, unless the hose is fitted with a shut-off nozzle
  • Using potable water in a fountain or decorative water feature, unless the water is recirculated
  • Outdoor irrigation in excess of two days per week (Sunday through Saturday) and watering between the hours of 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Residents of Daly City have a strong conservation ethic as evidenced by being one of the lowest per capita water users in the region. However, since the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s call to voluntarily conserve 10%, Daly City residents have reduced local water demand by 8.9% from last year, so there is more work to do during the dry months ahead.

The City Council remains committed to preserving the region’s drinking water. It is worth noting that since 2004, Daly City has operated a Tertiary Recycled Water Facility through our subsidiary, the North San Mateo County Sanitation District, and delivers irrigation water to the Olympic Club, Lake Merced Golf Club, San Francisco Golf Club and Harding Park golf course, along with Westlake Park and Marchbank Park Athletic Fields and landscaped medians along John Daly and Junipero Serra Boulevards.

The City continues to urge residents to do more to conserve water. The current drought is real and expected to continue. If residents see water leaks or pooled water, please contact the City 24-hours a day at (650) 991-8200. Daly City offers free conservation devices such as swivel showerheads, bathroom and swivel kitchen faucet aerators, and leak detection dye tablets. To learn other ways to conserve water, click here.