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The Parks and Open Space Master Plan Online Participation Tools are LIVE!

There are 2 ways to participate in our parks project now! You can access both on our website at by clicking "Participate Now". 

 parks plan

Survey #1:
This brief survey takes a deeper dive into emerging trends from our first round of community input – highlights in the project so far include: desire for upgraded playgrounds, safer spaces and more events! 
Survey #2: 
This survey is an online interactive pinnable map. This tool has 28 park specific questions and the option to drop an idea/comment anywhere in Daly City. Feel free to answer questions for any or all of the parks that feel relevant for you. Also consider, just because you do not currently use a park, is there some enhancement that would encourage you to use it in the future?

Sharing is Caring:
Please share, like and spread the word! The more input we have from our Daly City residents the better our park system will be. 
Anyone can access the survey from our project website: – click “Participate now” and you will jump right to it.

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