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SamTrans “Connecting with Customers” in Daly City on Tuesday, March 26

SamTrans believes that it’s important to let customers know that they care about them and value them. For that reason, SamTrans staff is returning to Daly City for a second “Connecting with Customers” visit on Tuesday, March 26. They will be at the Mission/Goethe and Mission/Evergreen bus stops from 7 to 10 a.m. Earlier this month a team from SamTrans spent time at the Daly City BART Station bus area.

Last fall, SamTrans kicked off a “Connecting with Customers” program in which teams of employees visit a transit stop each month to thank customers for riding the bus. Staff also answers customers’ questions and informs them of any changes in the works.

Talking with customers where they get on and off the bus offers a convenient way to ask questions and get information. It also allows SamTrans employees to thank the customer in person for choosing to ride the bus.

Daly City is important to SamTrans – Daly City has some of the county’s highest transit usage and SamTrans provides an extensive amount of service to the community. SamTrans takes pride in serving all the cities in the county and providing a critical link between home and work, school, shopping and other destinations.

Information on the “Connecting with Customers” program is available online at