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Join Us for a Presentation on Daly City’s Local Ballot Measures BB, VV & UU on Monday, Oct. 15th, at 7pm


You are invited to City Hall for a presentation to the public about the local measures on your November ballot: Measures BB, VV & UU. Learn more about these measures from our Interim City Manager Shawnna Maltbie, Mayor Juslyn Manalo, City Attorney Rose Zimmerman and Finance Director Lawrence Chiu.

Monday, October 15th


City Hall Training Room (floor 1)

333 90th Street, Daly City CA

A copy of the presentation can be viewed by clicking here

The Daly City City Council unanimously placed Measures BB, VV & UU on the November ballot. Daly City’s Police and Fire Departments have experienced increases in calls for service in the past few years. If enacted, these measures can help maintain the City’s level of police officers, firefighters and paramedics, effectively preparing the City for any natural disaster.

If enacted by voters, Measures BB, VV & UU help ensure businesses operating in Daly City and visitors to our City continue to pay their fair share, while continuing to invest in our local public safety and long-term fiscal stability. Measures BB, VV & UU do NOT increase taxes for Daly City residents who are not hotel guests or business proprietors.

Measures BB, VV & UU include accountability provisions by requiring annual independent financial audits and public review of expenditures. All funds remain in the City of Daly City and cannot be taken by Sacramento. These safeguards will ensure funds will be used efficiently, effectively and as promised.

For more information on these ballot measures, click here. Please direct any questions or comments to the City Manager’s Office at (650) 991-8127.