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Happy Earth Day, Daly City!

Happy Earth Day, Daly City!

On this 46th annual Earth Day, world leaders convene at United Nations headquarters in New York City to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. This landmark agreement was adopted by 195 nations last December. Not an easy feat! The entire world is now preparing to get serious on climate change.

In Daly City, we are already doing our part to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through a guiding plan, “The Daly City Green Vision – TEN for TWENTY”. Now more than ever, we have innovative opportunities to create a more sustainable future for our community. For highlights of our progress in 2016, read on below.


  • On January 25th, the City Council voted unanimously to join Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE). Now, San Mateo County and all 20 cities will use their combined electricity demand to buy and develop renewable, clean power. PCE will purchase clean electricity that will be delivered through PG&E’s existing transmission lines. PCE will introduce consumer choice in an energy market where none currently exists and it will dramatically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from the use of dirty energy sources. The first phase of customers will be enrolled in October.


  • On February 1st, the City kicked off a communitywide composting program. Our garbage company, Republic Services, now offers curbside pick-up of compostable “waste”, such as food scraps, food-soiled paper products, and yard trimmings. These organic resources will be processed into nutrient-rich compost at a facility in the East Bay and delivered to farms across the region. Free compost giveaways will also be available to residents for use in home gardens. Composting helps the City reduce greenhouse gas emissions (methane in particular) associated with the landfilling of organic waste. Need info on what you can place in the green compost carts? Check out this infographic!


  • On March 12th, 67 participants safely disposed of 4,697 pounds of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW), like household chemicals, paint, and used motor oil through the County’s HHW Program. Last year, the County collected 43,456 pounds of HHW in Daly City—the third highest volume among all cities in the County—from 829 participants over the course of multiple events. Let’s make 2016 even better! Do you have HHW to dispose of? Come to our next HHW collection event on June 11th at City Hall.


  • On April 11th, the City Council presented an Earth Day Proclamation to the public in order to encourage residents to engage in activities to protect our environment.

 helen proclamation

^ Community member, Helen Nicely, graciously accepted the Proclamation for her years of involvement in protecting our coastal environment.

Join Helen on Saturday, April 23rd for a cleanup at Mussel Rock in Daly City from 9:00-11:00am. More info at  

  • On April 16th, the City held an Earth Day Event for 2016, featuring a variety of free services, including document shredding, electronic waste (e-waste) collection, reuse donations to Goodwill, a compost giveaway, and information on a variety of environmental programs. Thank you to the 400+ residents that came to the event! We collected over 60 gaylords of e-waste (gaylords are the term for the cardboard containers you see in the photos below). That’s five large truck loads of e-waste from 300 donors!

ewaste gaylords

^ Over 60 gaylords of e-waste were sent off to Goodwill’s Recompute Program, an e-waste recycling and reuse initiative in Redwood City.

sfcc ewaste

^ San Francisco Conservation Corps members helped over 300 e-waste donors unload items from their cars.

ewaste teddy phone

^ You used to call me on my Teddy phone. ;)

shredit truck

^ The document shredding truck was continuously shredding during the entire 4-hour event!


compost christine

^ Deputy Director of Finance and Daly City Resident, Christine Paras, collects compost for her garden and exchanges gardening tips with another resident.

 compost giveaway

 ^ Residents taking advantage of the free compost giveaway for use in their gardens.


^ Residents learn about ways to save energy and money, how to dispose of used motor oil and used oil filters, and more!

Due to high demand, the City plans to make the e-waste collection a quarterly event, so stay tuned for future dates! The best way to do that is to sign up for our e-newsletter, the Daly Wire. Click here to sign up.


Did you know Daly City grows its own plants for median strips, parks, and facility landscaping? We use native plants whenever possible and practice integrated pest management (IPM) that reduces or eliminates our need for chemical products like pesticides and herbicides. Consider a drought-tolerant landscape for your home, remove your lawn, and plant natives to restore our ecosystem.


On this Earth Day 2016, we encourage you to get outside, do something for our Earth, and be grateful to live in one of the most environmentally progressive regions on the planet. Did you know that Earth Day was born out of a movement right here in California, 46 years ago? Now, it is celebrated worldwide! Do your part to help Daly City Go Green.

Join other locals for a cleanup at Mussel Rock on Saturday, April 23rd, from 9:00-11:00am followed by EcoFest from 11:00-2:30pm at Linda Mar State Beach in Pacifica. This is a great opportunity for residents to help protect the resources we have right here in Daly City! More info at

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