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Daly City Water Quality Report Just Released for 2016

The Daly City Water Quality Report for 2016 has just been released! The report contains required regulatory information about Daly City's water supply and how it complies with State standards. It is your right to know this information and to become an informed customer of your public water system. 

The report contains information on drinking water source assessment, water conservation, drinking water sources, and water quality data. 

CLICK HERE for the 2016 Daly City Water Quality Report. 

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Helpful contacts:

Questions regarding your water bill and starting/stopping service: Utility Billing at (650) 991-8082. 

Questions regarding leaks, service problems, water quality info, technical data or any other water related questions: Department of Water and Wastewater Resources at (650) 991-8200. 

Questions regarding the Water Quality Report, contact Patrick Sweetland, Director of the Dept. of Water and Wastewater Resources, at (650) 991-8200.