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Daly City Volunteers Coalition - Sign Up for the Kick Off Volunteer Event, Sat., Feb 22!


Sign up for the kick off volunteer day and help launch the Daly City Volunteers Coalition (DCVC)! 

When: Saturday, February 22, 9am-12pm

Where: Project Green Space gardens in Top of the Hill at Mission St and Bepler St 

Activity: planting new flowering plants in the gardens & litter clean up around Top of the Hill 

RSVP: Connect with DCVC on Facebook under "Daly City Volunteers Coalition" or email at Send a message so we know how many supplies to bring.

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About DCVC:

Some neighbors in the Top of the Hill area discovered they were supporting a variety of volunteer neighborhood improvement activities focused on trash pick-up or weeding around city trees or assisting each other in bettering security by installing cameras or outdoor lighting and more. They devised a plan to make this information known to all of Daly City and to expand it to include all types of opportunities for residents to find volunteer activities that meet their interests by forming the Daly City Volunteers Coalition. 

This Daly City-wide association of individual neighborhood groups and interested individuals will work together to provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for anyone that wants to help out. The Daly City Volunteers Coalition is a strong partner to the City of Daly City.  


The DCVC will:

  • Coordinate and cooperate among groups by sharing information about volunteer opportunities.
  • Assist in forming new neighborhood or special focus groups. 
  • Work closely with City Hall staff to assure volunteer activities are aligned with City community improvement programs and to identify volunteer support opportunities for these programs.

The DCVC aims to develop and maintain a network of volunteer groups (such as from neighborhoods or places of worship) to provide a wide range of volunteer opportunities for Daly City residents and to work with the City of Daly City to make Daly City a beautiful, healthy and safe place to live.

Find the DCVC on Facebook under "Daly City Volunteers Coalition" or email

To join the DCVC and stay informed of the latest volunteer opportunities, fill out the application form available by clicking here: Application Form.