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Daly City Responds to ICE Custody of Mr. Escobar-Lopez


On July 16, 2019, the Mayor and City Council were briefed on the May 11, 2019 arrest of Jose Armando Escobar-Lopez by one of Daly City’s police officers. Although this is an isolated incident, the City is nonetheless conducting a thorough investigation into all aspects of what led to Mr. Escobar-Lopez’s arrest and eventual transfer to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If the investigation uncovers a violation of law or City policy, the City will take appropriate action.

In connection with the May 11, 2019 arrest incident, the City is undertaking a review of Police Department policies to ensure compliance with SB 54 – the California Values Act. In addition, the City will be re-training all officers on the City’s SB 54-related policies to ensure all our residents and visitors are appropriately protected from unlawful interactions with ICE.  

The City is committed to complying with the spirit and the letter of SB 54 – not only because it is state law, but also because SB 54 embodies our City’s values. Daly City is an extraordinarily diverse community, which is also reflected in every aspect of City government – from our Police Department to our elected officials. Daly City has always been a City of immigrants and we are extremely proud of that heritage. Daly City and its Police Department are firmly dedicated to protecting the rights of all individuals in our community, including immigrants, and we will be reinforcing that dedication and commitment in the days to come.

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