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Community Satisfaction and Priorities – Survey Results Released!


This month, the City contracted with FM3 Research to conduct a survey of registered voters in Daly City regarding community satisfaction and priorities. The polling results are being used to prepare for three potential measures for the ballot this November that include a business license tax, a transient occupancy/hotel tax and a cannabis/marijuana business tax measure.

The following results are based on phone and online interviews with 462 Daly City residents that are likely to vote in November. While these results do not represent the viewpoints of all Daly City residents, they can be used to gauge support for the potential ballot measures.


(1) More than 70% of Daly City voters believe the City has either a “great” or “some” need for additional funding to provide the level of city services that residents need and want.




(2) Nearly 80% of voters recognize the connection between quality city services and local property values. Voters were asked to rate the accuracy of the statement, “Reducing city services would hurt local property values.”




(3) More than 70% of residents would support each of the three potential local ballot measures that could generate funding for Daly City services. Support for the measures is above the 50% threshold necessary to pass each measure among every major demographic group in Daly City including by gender, age, political party, race/ethnic group and homeownership. Residents were asked to respond to hypothetical ballot language for three different ballot measures:

“Daly City Public Safety and Vital City Services Protection Measure” (business license tax)

“Daly City Hotel Guest Tax/Local Services Protection Measure” (transient occupancy/hotel tax)

“Daly City Cannabis/Marijuana Business Tax Measure” (tax on gross receipts of cannabis/marijuana businesses, in the event they are made legal in Daly City)




(4) Maintaining public safety services, keeping streets and public areas clean and safe, and maintaining the City’s long-term financial stability are high priorities for residents.



More information on the potential ballot measures will be released in coming months.