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Daly City Seeks Responses to Online Community Needs Survey

The City of Daly City requests public input on community development and housing needs as it embarks on planning for its 2013-2017 HUD Consolidated Plan. In order to plan effectively for the next five years, the City is seeking input from organizations, community stakeholders, and local residents to identify the needs within the community. Please take the City’s needs online survey here.

Members of the public are also invited to participate at a meeting on Thursday, November 29, 2012, to gather and re-confirm housing and community development needs and priorities for the County of San Mateo and the Cities of South San Francisco and Daly City. The meeting is scheduled to take place from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the offices of the San Mateo County Department of Housing, 264 Harbor Blvd, Bldg A, Belmont. 

Each of of the jurisdictions are beginning the development of a new five-year Consolidated Plan (Con Plan) for the use of one or more HUD annual entitlement funds, which are distributed to qualified programs and activities. (The Cities of San Mateo and Redwood City are on different five-year Con Plan cycles.)

The County, South San Francisco, and Daly City each receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. The County and Daly City also receive Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds. The County alone gets Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) funds for countywide use.

The public is invited to provide input and hear discussion about how local government agencies can respond to smaller budgets and larger expectations in housing development, safety net services, homeless issues, and the HUD prognosis for funding these programs.

Confirmed speakers include Mark Moulton, Executive Director of the Housing Leadership Council, & Housing Endowment and Regional Trust of SM County; Laura Bent, Director of Programs and Services, Samaritan House; Melissa Platte, Executive Director, Mental Health Association, and Kimberly Fergison, Community Planning and Development Representative, HUD SF Region.


Denise Milner, by November 28.