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Allied Waste Seeks to Help Daly City Businesses Meet New State Recycling Requirements

Allied Waste Services is offering assistance to Daly City businesses to ensure compliance with a new state law that takes effect July 1, 2012. California Assembly Bill (AB) 341 requires recycling at all multifamily dwellings (apartments, town houses, condominiums) of five units or more and all businesses generating four or more cubic yards of waste per week.

Businesses and multifamily dwellings that are subject to the recycling mandate of AB 341 are required to separate recyclable materials from their solid waste and subscribe to recycling collection service or to self-haul the recyclables. Educating tenants or employees regarding the importance of recycling is not only beneficial to the environment, but can also reduce landfill-bound garbage and lower monthly trash bills. The cost for garbage service is based on the size of container. Businesses that do a good job recycling are frequently able to switch to a smaller garbage container. Recycling collection is available to all Daly City businesses at no additional cost.

Allied Waste Services can send a trained recycling representative to perform a waste audit to determine specific service needs. Allied Waste’s recycle representatives will also provide education and ongoing support to help maximize recycling. Business owners and managers are encouraged to call Allied Waste at (650) 756-1130 to schedule a waste audit.