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City seeks help keeping storm drains clear

City seeks helping in keeping storm drains clear of trash and debris. The City maintains more than 2,300 catch basins (storm drains) and more than 100 miles of storm drain lines. As part of the storm drain maintenance program, the City provides weekly street sweeping service to all City streets.

During wet weather conditions, such as during El Nino storms, residents can help prevent localized street flooding by helping the City keep storm drains free from blockages. The leading cause of storm drain blockages is litter. Trash left along roadways and sidewalks washes into the storm water drainage system during wet weather. Not only is littering illegal, it is an eyesore and can endanger wildlife and allow stagnant water to breed mosquitoes. Take pride in your community and help promote better drainage by cleaning up litter.

To report a suspected storm drain blockage or other storm drain issue, call Daly City Public Works, Street Maintenance Division at (650) 991-8097. Thank you for your assistance.