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City Council Adopts Resolution Urging State to Allow Local Control over Cow Palace Events

The City Council unanimously passed a resolution at its regular meeting of November 8, 2010, requesting officials in Sacramento to draft legislation that would grant Daly City local control over certain events at the Cow Palace. Mayor Michael P. Guingona introduced the ordinance, citing ongoing concerns regarding safety and security issues at events, including raves, at the state-owned facility over the past 8 years. Earlier this year16 people were transported by ambulance from a Cow Palace rave called Pop2010:The Dream. Two of the sixteen individuals transported that fateful night died from Ecstasy overdoses.

“This is an issue that has been very close to people on this City Council for many years,” said Mayor Michael P. Guingona. “This resolution is something I think is important.”

The resolution lists a chronology of tragic events at the Cow Palace dating back to New Year’s Eve, 2002, when two young men died from overdoses. More recently, on October 29, 2010, seventeen people attending the Live 105 Subsonic Spookfest at the Cow Palace were hospitalized with drug and alcohol related illnesses.

Although the Cow Palace is located in Daly City, it is owned and governed by the 1-A District Agricultural Association, a state agency of the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Division of Fairs and Expositions. Daly City has no jurisdiction to limit the types of events that take place at the arena, but its police and fire departments are called upon to provide both security and emergency medical response at the venue. Increasing numbers of drug overdoses at Cow Palace raves prompted a law multi-jurisdictional enforcement operation on May 29, 2010. More than 100 undercover officers from 30 local, state, and federal agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration, confiscated 800 tabs of Ecstasy at the Pop2010 event. Drug overdoses are not the only health and safety concern associated with the Cow Palace. In September 2010, two people were shot inside the arena while attending a private party held by the Desperados Motorcycle Club.

Mayor Guingona acknowledged that the City Council has been working with State Senator Leland Yee and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma to address the problems associated with some of the activities taking place at the Cow Palace.

“The events at the Cow Palace affect our residents,” Mayor Guingona stated. “We hope that we can work with our state legislature to gain some local control over events at the Cow Palace so we can work at restoring the quality of life in the Bayshore neighborhood.”