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San Mateo District Lines Advisory Committee to Meet in Daly City on Tuesday, September 10

A committee that will review the boundaries of San Mateo County’s supervisorial districts and possibly recommend changes will meet Tuesday, September 10 in Daly City.  The meeting will take place at the War Memorial Community Center, 6655 Mission Street, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Board of Supervisors created the nine-member boundary adjustment committee after voters changed the County Charter in November 2012. The change requires that only voters within a district can elect a supervisor who lives in that same district to represent them. Under the prior system voters countywide elected all five supervisors.

With heightened interest in district-based elections, the Board of Supervisors tasked the committee with hearing public comment, studying current and potential boundaries and recommending possible adjustments.

Under State election law, districts must be approximately equal in population. In establishing the boundaries of the districts the Board of Supervisors may give consideration to the following factors: (a) topography, (b) geography, (c) cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, and compactness of territory, and (d) community of interests of the districts.

The committee members chosen by the Board are: Supervisors Adrienne J. Tissier and Warren Slocum; GonzaloSal” Torres, a Daly City Council Member; Laura Martinez, an East Palo Alto Council Member; and public members: (1st Supervisorial District)-- Hayden Lee of Millbrae;(2nd Supervisorial District)-- Raymond Lee of San Mateo;(3rd Supervisorial District) -- Barbara Arietta of Pacifica;(4th Supervisorial District)-- William Nack of Menlo Park; and (5th Supervisorial District)--Rebecca Ayson of Daly City.

Each public member resides in one of the five current districts. 

Additional information about the process will be posted at