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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What public schools serve Daly City?

A: Daly City is served by five public school districts: Jefferson Union High School, Bayshore Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Brisbane Elementary, and South San Francisco Unified. Additionally, Daly City is in the San Mateo Community College District and is in close proximity to San Francisco State University.

Q: How do I find out about jobs in Daly City?

A: Current City of Daly City job openings are listed on the Human Resources page of DC Online. Other employment opportunities in or near Daly City can be found at www.calopps.org - an interactive website linking employers and job seekers.

Q: Who provides water service and trash and recycling collection in Daly City?

A:  The City of Daly City provides water service to most every property in Daly City. If you have a question about your utility account – which includes water and garbage – you may contact the City’s Utility Billing Division at (650) 991-8082. Republic Services is the franchised hauler for both residential and commercial solid waste and recycling in Daly City. You can find more information about garbage and recycling collection guidelines and schedules online at the Republic Services website or by phone at (650) 756-1130. Other helpful recycling tips and information is available at the Recycleworks.org webite and Daly City's Go Green page. 

Q: Is there a housing assistance program in Daly City?

A: Yes, this program, which includes First Time Homebuyer Assistance and the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program, are administered by the Housing and Community Development Division of the Economic and Community Development Department.

The City does not own or manage rental housing and cannot directly place people in housing units. For information on available housing, see our Housing Resources page

Q: How do I contest a parking ticket I received in Daly City?

A: Detailed instructions for appealing or paying for a parking citation are printed directly on the ticket. California Vehicle Code Section 40215 allows you to contest a parking citation, provided the citation was issued in error. Online instructions for contesting a parking citation can be found at: https://www.pticket.com/DALY/contesting_info.html

Q: Where are Daly City’s libraries?

A: Daly City Library has four branches: Serramonte Main Library, Westlake Branch, John Daly Branch, and Bayshore Branch. Information about the Daly City Library can be found at the Daly City Public Library Home Page.

Q: Who is the Mayor of Daly City?

A: Information about the Mayor and City Council can be found under the “Your Elected Officials” link. Other online information about City Departments is listed on the “City Services and Contact Directory” page.

Q: Can I obtain a marriage license at City Hall?

A: No, marriage licenses, birth certificates and other vital records for San Mateo County are processed by the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder.

Q: Where do I report abandoned shopping carts found in Daly City?

A: Please contact Daly City’s Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval reporting line at (650) 991-5525. Leave a message with the information below in order to receive a response within 48 hours:

  1. Brief description of cart 
  2. Name of the store the cart belongs to – if you are able to determine 
  3. Location of the abandoned cart – address or cross streets 
  4. Date and time you observed the cart.

If after 72 hours you still notice the same shopping cart in the same location, please contact Daly City’s Department of Economic and Community Development at 650-991-8260.