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Latest Daly City, California, weather

City of Daly City

Daly City Partners With Other Cities in Group Solar Buying Program to Lower Cost of Purchasing Solar for Local Residents

Daly City has joined other nearby cities in an initiative called "Peninsula SunShares," in an effort that will encourage many more Bay Area homeowners to go solar.

Daly City Partners with University of California, San Francisco’s Institute for Health and Aging to Seek Filipinos for Studies on Diabetes and Heart Disease Prevention

Filipino Americans have one of the highest rates of Type 2 Diabetes in the United States. UCSF is conducting two important studies focused on preventing diabetes and heart disease among Filipino Americans. Since Daly City has the highest concentration of Filipino Americans of any municipality in the United States, USCF has partnered with the City of Daly City to help them seek volunteers for their two studies.

HERO PACE Program Launched in Daly City to Help Homeowners Conserve Energy and Water

HERO PACE is a new form of financing provided to help residents install solar, HVAC, energy-saving windows, water-saving technologies and more. Payments are made through annual property taxes and interest is tax-deductible.

Residents Are Urged to Reduce Water Use by 10%

Dry weather conditions in 2013 were unprecedented, prompting Governor Brown to declare a drought emergency for the state and asking Californians to take action by voluntarily reducing water use by 20%. Click here for more tips on conserving water.